Nature Reserve of the Verde River Waterfalls, Borrello

The Guided Nature Reserve of the Verde River Waterfalls is in Borrello, in the Province of Chieti. Set up in 2001 and managed by WWF, it is about 287 hectares wide.

The Verde River Waterfalls are the highest natural waterfalls in Italy. At 800 metres above sea level, they are 200 metres high, made up of three jumps down the rocky cliff. The sources of the Verde river or “rio” are by the Abruzzo-Molise border. The river is an affluent of the Sangro river.

Though the flow varies according to seasons, the waterfalls are worth seeing throughout the year. The European freshwater crayfish is the symbol of the Reserve. The pure waters of Rio Verde are also the habitat of European otter, European dipper and brown trout.

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