Nature Reserve of Santa Filomena pine grove

The Nature Reserve of Santa Filomena pine grove is situated along north Pescara and south Montesilvano coast. It is about 20 hectares wide. With the Nature Reserve of D’Annunzio pine grove  represents the remnant of the thick pine groves that covered the coast.

Today the pine grove is surrounded by building, except on the east side, where it borders the seaside, from which it is separated by the Riviera Alley and some beach clubs.

Aleppo pine, holm oak, laurel and a few poplars, remains of the marshy lands on which the pine groves grew, are the flora of the Reserve. The European squirrel, the mouse, the hedgehog and the weasel are the mammals, while the bird fauna includes the sea-swallow, the seagull, the black tern, the blackcap, the great and blue tit, the raven and the magpie.

Besides, the Reserve houses the Recovery Centre of Wildlife and Birds of Prey managed by Corpo Forestale dello Stato (State Rangers). The pine grove is a good place for practising sport.

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