Church of San Tommaso, Caramanico Terme

The XII century’s Romanesque church of San Tommaso is located in Caramanico Terme, in the hamlet San Tommaso. It is a remarkable piece of Romanesque architecture in Abruzzo, enriched by beautiful frescoes, sculptures and a crypt.

The façade shows three portals and a ten-spokes rose window. On the central portal’s architrave there are the carved figures of a blessing Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles, while on the left portal an inscription to the Virgin Mary, the date of its realization (1202) and its author’s name are still visible. Two figures of angels embellish the window in the back semicircular apse, perhaps with reference to the legendary foundation of the church.

The interior is made up of a nave and two aisles, and six pillar on both sides. The frescos were made in XIII century. There is a water well in the crypt, remnant of an ancient cult.

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