Lake of Campotosto Nature Reserve

The Lake of Campotosto Nature Reserve, set up in 1984, is in the Province of L’Aquila, in Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. It is 1.600 hectares wide.

The Lake of Campotosto is the biggest man-made lake in Abruzzo. It is 1313 metres above sea level. Its floodplain, of glacial origin, was filled in ’30s-’40s, after barring the Fucino river by three dikes in order to produce electricity. In the aftermath, the main economical source of Campotosto, or the use of the today-submerged-by-the-lake peat banks, came to an end.

Beeches, willows and snakeroot are its flora, while the lake waters are the habitat of loons, wild ducks and stilt-birds. There are wild boars, foxes, hares and mustelids in the surroundings woods.

It is possible to get to the Lake of Campotosto by the SS. 80 from L‘Aquila or driving along the Vomano river valley from the coast. The lake banks and surroundings are perfect for hikes.

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