Fountain of 99 spouts, L’Aquila

The Fountain of 99 spouts is a historic monument in L’Aquila, probably erected in 1272. It is located in the district Rivera, near the Aterno river. Trapezoidal based, it is made up of two staggered basins and intertwined slabs of white and rose stone, dug out from the nearby cave in Genzano di Sassa, like that used in the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio. It shows off 99 stone masks called cannelle. Water gushes out from the most of them. Legend has it that the spouts represent the 99 castle that united in L’Aquila in XIII century. In fact, it is said that L’Aquila is made up of 99 squares, 99 churches and 99 fountains.

Seriously damaged by the earthquake on 6th April 2009, the fountain of 99 spouts has been recently restored by Italian National Trust (FAI).

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