Civitella Archaeological Park and Amphitheatre, Chieti

The archaeological site of Civitella is located in the historic centre of Chieti, on a hilltop that overlooks Majella and Gran Sasso mountains, near the municipal villa. In ‘60s, many Roman finds, today kept in Civitella Archaeological Museum, were brought to light in that area. Lately, ruins of the perimeter walls and the VIP stand of a I century AD’s Roman amphitheatre, wherein gladiators fought, were found.

Today Civitella is a historical and cultural area. In addition, it is Chieti’s belvedere. Civitella Archaeological Museum (Via G. Pianell, 66100 Chieti; Tel. +39 0871.63137, fax +39 0871.405148) is opened from Tuesday to Sunday included.

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