Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is one of the most beautiful Italian villages. It is in the Province of L’Aquila, part of the Mountain Community “Campo Imperatore-Piana di Navelli”, in the National Park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains.

Thanks to its proximity to the grasslands of Campo Imperatore, sheep farming is the main business in Castel del Monte where, in Fonte Macina, on 5th August the annual fair “Campo Imperatore Sheep farming” is held. The “Canestrato di Castel del Monte” is a hard-pasted Pecorino cheese that has been often awarded at National fairs.

The past isolation of Castel del Monte is the reason why the local cuisine boast peculiar dainties, such as various kind of pasta: strangolaprete, ciafrichiglie, laganelle.

Every year, on 17th August, Castel del Monte celebrates “The night of witches”.

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