Roe deer

The roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is a small ungulate. It weighs 10-37 kg. It is 90-130 cm long with a shoulder height of 55-80 cm. Its body is brown-reddish. Its muzzle is greyish, while the hair is white on the lower parts. The roe is a deer very nimble and cute which lives in the mountainous woods. Its tail is very short. The antlers of the stag are little and just three-pointed.

The roe deer is widespread on the Abruzzo’s Appennines. It can be watched in the fauna areas, such as the ungulates’ one in the Wolf Visit Centre in Popoli and by the Abbey of St. Liberatore at Majella in Serramonacesca. Special thanks to Cooperative Il Bosso ( and Cristian Moscone for the photos posted above.

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