Regional Nature Reserve of Serranella Lake, Sangro Valley

The Regional Nature Reserve of Serranella Lake is one of the last wetlands in Abruzzo. It is situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Majella massif at about 90 meters above sea level in the municipalities of Altino, Casoli, S. Eusanio del Sangro. The basin of Serranella was originated by the construction of a canal on the Sangro river to irrigate the surrounding rural areas. Within a few years a wetland formed again with characteristics similar to the old marshes in the lower course of the river. Soon it became very important for migratory birds, since it is one of the few wetlands along the Adriatic route. In 1987 an Oasis was established by the Province of Chieti to protect wildlife and in 1990 a Nature Reserve under the control of Abruzzo Region.

Near the Visitor Center there are the wildlife areas of land and marsh tortoises for conservation and educational purposes. There are also aviaries, ponds, terrariums for reptiles and amphibians and a teaching pool. With the construction of a barn it has been undertaken the reconstruction of a typical rural environment of the valley of the Sangro. Along the shores of the lake there are huts and towers for bird watching. For more information: We thank the Reserve for the wonderful photos.

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