Celano, about 10.000 inhabitants, is in the historical area of Marsica, in province of L’Aquila, in the Sirente-Velino Regional Regional Park. The County of Celano developed around X century. In 1221, Fredrick II of Swabia took it from Pietro from Celano and gave it to Counts Segni. Later, Celano passed to the Angevins, then Aragoneses and finally to Artois. It belonged to the Dukes Cesarini-Sforza until 1816.

Celano is an important railway station on the railway line Rome-Pescara. Its main monuments are Piccolomini Castle, the churches of Giovanni Battista (John the Baptist), Sant’Angelo, San Francesca, Santa Maria delle Grazie (Saint Mary of Graces) and the Madonnina’s one.

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