Penne is a municipality of about 13.000 inhabitants in the Province of Pescara. Today Penne is the capital of Vestina Mountain Community. It is just 30 km from Pescara.

Before the rise of Rome, Penne was the ancient capital of Vestin tribes. It derives its name from the Latin word “pinna”, which means peak, top. In fact, the urban structure is spread on four hills, represented on the coat of arms by four towers, each with two wings above on both sides. The current urban area keeps the medieval aspect, with narrow lanes and streets. In 1522, Charles V of Spain gave Penne as a dowry to Margret of Austria. Later, the town was subjected first to Farnese Family, then to the Bourbons.

Penne’s historic centre is one of the most beautiful Italian villages thanks to its gorgeous churches and palaces.

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