Caramanico Terme

Caramanico Terme (about 2.000 inhabitants), one of the most beautiful Italian villages, is in the Province of Pescara, 613 m above sea level, in Majella National Park. It is situated in between the valleys of Orfento and Orta rivers, on Majella mountainside, 50 km far from Pescara, 36 km from Chieti town and about 200 km from Rome. It takes just 50 minutes from Abruzzo International Airport to Caramanico Terme by car. Visitors can reach Caramanico Terme by car through A25 Pescara-Rome motorway (exit tollbooth Alanno-Scafa, then SS 487 following the roadsigns to Caramanico). There are also daily ARPA bus connections from Rome, Pescara, Chieti, L’Aquila e Sulmona.

Caramanico Terme is renowned for its wonderful Nature (Nature Reserve of the Orfento Valley is worthy of remark), its history and sulphureous water spa from which probably comes its name. Human settlements date back to Paleolithic, while St. Bartolomeo, St. Giovanni and Holy Ghost Hermitages, the XIII century’s Romanesque church of San Tommaso Becket from Canterbury (located in San Tommaso district) and XV century’s church of Santa Maria Maggiore represent the medieval history of Caramanico Terme. Local traditions concern the relation between man and nature, symbolized by the cycle of seasons. The people in Caramanico Terme is devoted to Sant’ Antonio Abate, patron of the cattle.

In Caramanico Terme there are worth visiting museums: the archaeological-naturalistic museum “P. Barrasso”, equipped for blind people, attached to the European otter’s faunal area, and the museum of the Abruzzese and Italian fauna.

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