River Tavo

The Tavo river rises in the Gran Sasso massif, in the locality Pietrattina, and flows for 61 km in the province of Pescara to Congiunti, in the municipality of Collecorvino, where it joins the river Fino to form the Saline. In the National Park of Gran Sasso and Laga mountains, the waters of Tavo have dug the beautiful valleys Angora and Angri. In Farindola, the river receives the waters of the Vitello D’oro waterfall. In Penne the river is dammed for hydroelectric power and form the lake of Penne, a Regional Nature Reserve.

The Tavo river crosses the municipalities of Loreto Aprutino, Pianella, Collecorvino, Moscufo and Cappelle sul Tavo. The massive abstraction for agricultural, industrial and domestic use, together with the lowering of water table due to the Gran Sasso tunnel, greatly reduces the flow of this beautiful river.

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