Majella massif

Majella or Maiella massif is a part of Abruzzo Appennines, within the provinces of Chieti, L’Aquila and Pescara, centrepiece of Maiella National Park. Mount Amaro, 2793 m, is the highest summit. Other remarkable tops are : Mount Acquaviva, 2737 m; Mount Focalone, 2676 m; Mount Rotondo, 2656 m; Mount Macellaro, 2646 m; Pesco Falcone, 2546 m; Murelle summit, 2598 m. Mount Morrone, Mount Porrara and Mounts Pizzi made up a parallel chain to Majella massif. Deep canyons have been excavated on the mountaisides by rivers such as Orfento, Orta, Foro, Alento and Aventino.

Majella landscapes is generally woody up to 1500 m, then it becomes bare and lunar. In winter, there are snowfields on the highest tops. In a 10-12 hours hike through the tracks traced out by CAI (Italian Alpine Club) it is possible to get to Mount Amaro from Maielletta (where Passo Lanciano-Maielletta ski resorts are located), going past the Bandits’ Table, Murelle anphitheatre, Mount Rotondo and Mount Acquaviva. In clear-blue-sky days, Tremiti Island are visible from the top of Mount Amaro. Since it is not far from the coast (about 50 km from Pescara, 35 from Chieti), there are wonderful views of the Adriatic Sea from Majella.

Marsican bears, Apennine wolves, deer, wild boars, roe deer, otters, foxes, badgers, wildfowl, hawks and golden eagles are the fauna of Maiella National Park. Its flora is made up of beech, pine, mountain pine and oak trees. In spring, the view of Majella woodlands and grasslands in blossom is striking.

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