Sangro River

The Sangro is the second river in Abruzzo, 122 km long.

Despite the intense exploitation of its waters for irrigation, industrial use and production of hydroelectric power, the stream is still in good condition from an ecological point of view. It originates from Mount Morrone del Diavolo in the Abruzzo National Park, in the municipal area of Pescasseroli. It crosses Opi and Villetta Barrea, Villa Scontrone and Castel di Sangro. In Villetta Barrea it forms the Lake of Barrea. After a stretch in Molise, the river flows in Abruzzo in the province of Chieti, in the so-called Val di Sangro. In Bomba it is interrupted by a massive dam to produce hydroelectricity, creating the Lake of Bomba. In the communes of Casoli, Altino and Sant’Eusanio del Sangro the Aventino river flows into the Sangro. At the confluence of two rivers there is the WWF Oasis of Serranella Lake.

The mouth of the Sangro, one of the few still in a natural state in Abruzzo, is located in Torino di Sangro Marina, in the municipal area of Torino di Sangro.

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