Punta Aderci Guided Nature Reserve, Vasto

The Punta Aderci Guided Nature Reserve, established in 1998, covers 285 hectares on the Trabocchi Coast between the Sinello river and the port of Vasto. The coastline is mostly rocky with gravelly beaches, but there are also sand dunes, the perfect habitat of the Kentish plover (symbol of the reserve) and precious plant species, once widespread throughout the Abruzzo coast, today diminished because of the progressive urbanization: sandy ammofila, marine calcatreppola, milkweed of beaches, spiny fennel, sea lily, myrtle, yellow poppy, ravastrello, salsola, etc.. Clear water in front of the reserve is the habitat of the fish fauna typical of the Adriatic Sea, with the presence of various species of dolphins. In addition to the Kentish plover, there are rare species of birds in the Reserve such as the greater flamingo, the squacco heron, the night heron, the little bittern and the whitethroat.

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