Nature Reserve Badlands of Atri

The Nature Reserve Badlands of Atri was set in 1995 to protect the vegetal and animal biodiversity of the gullies, delved by flowing water on bare clay and marble lands.

The reserve, managed by WWF, is 380 hectares wide on the hills near Atri. Its altitude goes from 100 metres in the valley of the stream Piomba to 500 metres in Colle della Giustizia (Justice’s Hill). Road signs with the porcupine on lead to the reserve. In addition of the porcupine, kestrels, buzzards, sparrow hawks, barn owls, at least two different species of bats, foxes, weasels, badgers, beech martens, hedgehogs and small rodents live in the reserve. Among reptiles, four-lined snakes, ring snakes, black snakes, country lizards and green lizards are worth a mention. In the ponds and in the Piomba stream there are rare amphibians such as the newt and the green toad. The wild gladiolus, the broom shrub, the licorice and the capers are the main vegetal species in the area, crossed by easy paths and horse and bicycle roads.

The system of tunnels in underground Atri, the fourteen fountains around the town and St. Paul’s stone are all worth seeing.

For further information:

Office of the Nature Reserve by the Ducal Palace of Atri in Acquaviva Square

tel. +39 085-8780088


E-mail: [email protected]

Cooperative Pachamama: tel. +39 0861-212715

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