Cathedral of Atri

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is a national monument in Atri. Its construction started in 1260 and finished in 1305 on an earlier church of IX century and a Roman cistern, still visible from the gorgeous cloister. Its façade shows an imposing portal with a big window rose and a niche with a statue of the Madonna with the Baby. On the southern side of the Cathedral, on which in 1355 the church of St. Reparata was erected, there are four portals of XIV with frescoes in each lunette. The bell tower is 57 metres high. It is the highest in Abruzzo.

The interior of the cathedral keeps many valuable frescoes by Luca d’Atri, Giovanni di Cristofaro, Giacomo d’Atri and Andrea de Litio, the most famous artists in Abruzzo from XIII to XV century. The cycle of frescoes in Atri’s Cathedral is the biggest in Abruzzo and one of the biggest in the centre and south of Italy.

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