Tirino River

The Tirino river springs out from three sources, Capo d’Acqua, Presciano and the little lake by Capestrano, from which it derives its name of “triple sources”, even though the only effective source is that one in Capo d’Acqua.

The river flows through 25 km in the fertile Tritana valley with a flow of 6000 litres/second, through the provinces of L’Aquila (Ofena, Capestrano) and Pescara (Bussi sul Tirino), then it flows into the Pescara river. Its waters are crystal clear, a paradise for trouts and other fish. Its banks, swampy somewhere, are an oasis for waders and wild ducks. The woods on the mountain sides are full of wild fauna.

The Tirino river is a wonderful place for canoeing and hikes. A special thank goes to the Cooperative Il Bosso and Cristian Moscone for the first 5 photos of the thread.

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