Rosciano (about 3.000 inhabitants) is in the Province of Pescara, on a hilltop that dominates the valley of the river Pescara, not far from bordering Cepagatti, Chieti (the shopping centre Megalò is located in Rosciano’s Villareia locality), Nocciano and Manoppello.

Many archaeological finds show that Rosciano was inhabited since Neolithic. The later Roman vicus was conquered first by the Lombards, then by the Normans, who erected there a spotting tower in XI century. A castle and the medieval borough of Rosciano, named after its first commander, Roscio di Montechiaro, rose up around the tower. The whole borough still looks like a fortress. Besides the abandoned castle, the church of the Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria (Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption) or church of Santa Eurosia, patron of Rosciano, with pictures of XVII and XVIII centuries, and St. Nicola’s church, with Abruzzo Renaissance’s frescoes, are worthy seeing.

Rosciano’s land yields good olive oil and fine wines by Roxan and Marramiero wine factories. In Villa Badessa locality the Albanian Arbëreshë community lives.

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