Pescara river

The Pescara River rises in the Nature Reserve of Capo Pescara in Popoli. It is about 60 km long and flows into the Adriatic Sea in the city of Pescara, named from the river. In Popoli it joins the Aterno river, with which it forms the l’Aterno-Pescara, the longest river in Abruzzo (152 km).

The Tirino, Giardino, Orta, Lavino, Cigno and Nora are the major tributaries of the Pescara river, which divides the provinces of Pescara and Chieti. It is navigable for just 10 km in its last part. Its waters are largely used for drinking, watering, industrial purposes and to produce hydroelectric power. The naturalistic recovery of this wonderful river is basic for the tourist development of Abruzzo. For that reason, we wish requalification projects of the riverbanks and more scrupulous controls over illegal draining and the right functioning of the purification plants would soon be implemented by the local administrations.

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