Orfento Valley

The Orfento Valley is a very beautiful hike across Majella massif, along the canyons carved in the mountain by the Orfento river, surrounded by luxurious woods and breathtaking peaks in Majella National Park. The hike goes from Caramanico Terme to Roccamorice. The altitude varies from 500 to 2,600 m. It takes about 10 hours both ways. The path varies in difficulty. Some hermits, carved in the rock, such as Saint Giovanni and Saint Onofrio’s hermits are on the track and worth seeing.

The Orfento Nature Reserve is famous for the protection of the European otter. Otters, wolves, bears, deer, wild boars, foxes, hawks and eagles live in the area. In Caramanico Terme there is the Museum of the Wolf, run by Majambiente cooperative that is in charge of the reserve as well. For that reason, every hiker is supposed to sign in for free at Majambiente Visitors Centre (località S. Croce) or by the Rangers’ Bureau in Caramanico Terme’s historic centre. Caramanico is a well known spa resort.

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