Nature Reserve of the Lavino river sulphureous sources, Scafa

The Nature Reserve of the sulphureous sources of the Lavino river is in De Contra village, Scafa, in the Province of Pescara, in Majella National Park. The Lavino river gushes out from the Majella massif and flows into the Pescara river in the territory of Scafa. The intense deep blue colour of the spring pools and the smell of the sulphurous waters are the peculiarity of the area.

The Nature Reserve, about 40 hectares wide, was set up in 1987 by Abruzzo Region. It is currently run by Legambiente N.P.O. Scafa and by Scafa Municipality. There are numerous animal species, such as foxes, and mustelids, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Its flora is made up of willows, poplars and alders.

This Nature Reserve is the result of Legambiente and Scafa Municipality’s efforts to protect and value the territory, a wonderful example of coexistence between the man and Nature, just 35 km from Pescara and 20 from Chieti.

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LEGAMBIENTE ONLUS Circolo di Scafa – Via De Contra, 84 65027 Scafa (PE); tel. +39 085.8542482

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