Nature Reserve of Capo Pescara

The Nature Reserve of Capo Pescara is in Popoli. Set up in 1986, it is 49 hectares wide and comprises a vast area of sources, about 60, situated along the path that runs by the small lake from which the Pescara river starts. The waters come from the huge hydric basin of Campo Imperatore, on Gran Sasso massif. The quantity of water that springs out from the sources is about 7000 litres/second.

In the Reserve several bird species live (garganey, wild duck, heron, egret, water-rail, marsh-harrier, gallinule, reed-sparrow, coot, kingfisher, dipper, etc.), mammals (dormouse, hedgehog, mustelids, fox), reptiles (grass snake, ring snake, coluber, adder), anphibian (Appennine salamander, Italian newt, tree fog, yellow-bellied toad, Greek frog) and rare ichthyc species such as the aboriginal macrostigma trout, the very rare brook lamprey and the river crayfish.

The Nature Reserve provides tourist facilities such as a wide car park, an information desk, picnic areas, a bar and “Capo Pescara” restaurant. There are two paths that run along the shore of the lake: Canapine and Colle Pescara. The latter goes uphill and supplies a panoramic view of the Reserve from “Punto Panoramico”.

To the Reserve by car: from Pescara by A25 Pescara-Rome motorway, exit tollbooth at Bussi sul Tirino, then State road 5 to Popoli; exit tollbooth Pratola Peligna for drivers from Rome, then State road 17 to Popoli. By train, there is Popoli train station on Rome-Pescara railway.

For further information and booking: Popoli Town hall office (Tel +39 085 98701); Information desk (+39 085 9870510); Reserve Office (Tel +39 085 9870511); Legambiente (Tel +39 085 4216154); WWF (Tel +39 085 373117).

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