Lake of Scanno

The Lake of Scanno is 930 m above sea level, in the High Gorges of the River Sagittario, in the Province of L’Aquila. It is the biggest natural lake of Abruzzo, created within 10.000 and 30.000 years ago by a slide from Mount Genzana. Its depth varies from 32 to 36 metres. The influents of the Scanno Lake are the Tasso River, the Genzano brook and other seasonal streams, though it is believed that there are submerged sources in addition. Apparently there is no effluent, even though the lake water gushes out a little bit more down dale from the earth, in the territory of Villalago, where the Sagittario river springs.

The Lake of Scanno is a renowned and well equipped turist resort, fit for a horseback ride or for who love mountains. In the winter time, from Scanno it is easy to get to Passo Godi’s ski resorts. However, every single man activity has to respect the surrounding Nature. The rare Marsican bear, the Apennines wolf, deer and wild boar live in the woods around the lake. Trout, brass and pike are the principal fish species. In addition to the less elusive wild ducks and coots there are other valuable bird species such as peregrine falcon, marsh harrier, brown owl, owl, goshawk, golden eagle, etc. The rare tabby turtle is a peculiar inhabitant of the Scanno Lake, symbol of the valuable lake enviroment and the necessity to protect it.

Even in 2011 the lake of Scanno has been awarded with the Blue Flag.

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