Lake of San Domenico, Villalago

The Lake of San Domenico is a man-made lake by the town of Villalago, in the Province of L’Aquila. The Sagittario river is the only influent and effluent from the dike that provides Villalago with electricity. The name of the lake comes from the hermitage of San Domenico, situated at the end of the bridge that straddles the lake from the Gole del Sagittario road.

Crystal clear waters, splendid environment, the silence of the surrounding mountains are the features of this wonderful emerald lake in the heart of Abruzzo. Rare Marsican bears visit the lake and live in the beech and Villetta Barrea black pine (Pinus nigra italica) woods. Wolves, deer, wild boars, foxes, golden eagles, hawks, etc. are the valuable fauna of the Nature Reserve of the Lake of San Domenico, while the waters are rich in fish, such as trout, pike, bass, etc. Wild ducks, coots and tame geese wallow in the transparent waters by the picnic area from which it starts a path to Villalago, a nice hike through woods and summits that overlook the lake.

The lack of litterbins in the Nature Reserve of the Lake of San Domenico never justifies the visitors who leave rubbish in the area, contaminating this wonderful piece of Nature. Though tempting, swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.

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