Alcyone Free Beach, Pescara

In front of “Alcyone Village” district of Pescara, named from Alcyone collection of poems by Gabriele D’Annunzio, the famous Italian poet from Pescara, there is a beautiful free beach with public facilities, by the mouth of Vallelunga brook. This shore is a reminder of the once wild Abruzzese coast, with its native fauna and flora, and a stripe of pine wood in between the shore and Viale Alcyone. Today this area is a part of the Regional Nature Reserve of the D’Annunzio pine grove.

The beach is made up of subtle sand of different hues, due to the debris carried by the near brook and those from the breakwater barrier, set to prevent the coastal erosion. In calm-sea days, water is transparent with the caracteristic green emerald fades that grow of intensity according to the depth. However, there is shallow water, except for an about 2 metres hollow amid the shore and the breakwater barrier, the seagulls’ favourite roost, in which various Mediterrenean fish (such as grey mullet, goby, sea bream, sargo, saddled bream), crayfish and shellfish swim.

Efforts to value the public beaches are yelding good results. That ought to convince administrators to believe and invest in the city tourist resources. The beach is served by bus n 1 and 2 from Pescara to Francavilla al Mare.

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