Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo

Abruzzo is wet on the east by the Adriatic Sea. Its coastline is about 130 km long. The origin of the name Adriatic is disputed between the city of Adria, in Veneto, and Atri in Abruzzo. The coast from Martinsicuro to Francavilla al Mare is wide and sandy, except for gravel beaches near the mouth of the rivers. It attracts many tourists thanks to its high quality hotels. To the south, from Ortona to San Salvo, the landscape changes dramatically with the predominance of a rocky coast, rather high and wild, surrounded by thick Mediterranean scrub, the so-called Trabocchi Coast. Water quality in Abruzzo, awarded each year by numerous Blue Flags, depends strongly on the management of rivers and beaches. Hence our call to local governments and citizens to be vigilant and keep clean so that all of the 130 km of Abruzzo coastline become Blue!

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